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Each of these COURSES are quality tested, and are built to get you REAL RESULTS. These courses are designed for any skill level and are meant to get you massive GROWTH.

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Structure Breaking                  Free Trial

Get ready for a cool journey of gaining a Mind Power Boost! Learn awesome tricks to make your thoughts super strong and positive. We'll help you feel more confident and happy. Join us for fun activities that help you unlock your mind and become your own superhero!

        Free 9-day Course       

Start your trading journey with our free Trading Adventure Kickstart course! If you're new or want to learn cool tricks, this course is for you. We'll teach you about trading basics, like a super fun game. Get ready to become a smart trader with our lessons!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Profit Takers course was excellent. What I enjoyed most about the experience was that all of the lessons were short and easy to follow. The way TK simplified the concepts and walked us through Implementation helped me very much with retention."

- Rod Parker (BLUOCNCRM)   

     Founding Member

"TK Prophet is an amazing teacher. He breaks his curriculum down with simplicity. TK Prophet genuinely cares and wants everyone to win and succeed. He is very dedicated and put a lot of time into this 6-Week Challenge to ensure those would have time to practice the application of the lessons taught. Don't take the journal portion for granted, the key to prosperity starts there.

   -Jasmine Clark

Founding Member

"This is McGarvey, I came up with the "TAKERS-TIME" name for your daily routine lol. I'm still in the midst of the program but honestly its a no-brainer Thankfully TK has been very patient taking his time with all of us, and the lessons are very comprehensive. The proof is also there percentage wise so you will get a return of your investment, but the most important thing TK pushes is accountability and avoiding stagnation. Stay in motion. This is not just a program for people trying to obtain wealth, it's a program to make CHANGES. Mindset is everything" I have no words to thank you enough.


Founding Member 

@TKProphet your lesson plans are amazing! Equipping us with powerful tools (imbalance, zones, impulse, structure ) that empowers us with forecasting capabilities.


-Founding Member

Premium Courses & Products

    6-Week Journal      


This journal helps to break the barriers that people often experience guiding them to restructure their awareness, and ability to manifest their desired realities.

   Structure Breaking

Elevate your mind-set and become the things you want to attract, by challenging the beliefs that govern you. In this process you will self-diagnose, self-prescribe and focus to manifest the life you desire.

   12-Week Challenge

Our Challenge is more than a course it's an EXPERIENCE!It's designed to take you from where you are, to a profitable trader no matter the level. With TK as your guide, and the other you'll receive weekly calls and live Q&A's you'll be coached to success.

   Optimum Options 

      Coming Soon 

Our 30-day Options Course gives you a comprehensive process to understanding the option chain & setting up your TOS to maximize your return while trading.  

What Our Clients Are Saying

The "Structure Breakers" course helped tremendously in my trading journey. It gives you the tools to fight the urges to feel you are not deserving of the life you are meant to have. Higher highs and higher lows in life creates higher highs and higher lows on the charts!!


"Thanks to TK I started my trading journey. He inspired me once I realized he didn’t work his 9-5 anymore. Trading has changed my life. I no longer work overtime at my job. I just recently changed my schedule from working nights, so I could trade in the morning. My goal is to make enough profit so I can eventually quit my job, and trade full time. Thanks bro "


"I wanted to personally thank TK for allowing me to be a Founding Member of the Profit Takers Master Course. Although the course is designed for 6 weeks, the learning continues daily. I am also impressed by the accessibility of our teacher.  When he says feel free to contact him about concerns, I know first-hand that he means it. TK always finds time to help, teach, and answer questions. If you want to learn about trading, this brother will get you right."

-Bruce Morgan Sr

Founding member


Being around several trading environments since about 2016 I've seen a lot of perspectives and methods to analyzing the market. From a retail perspective this course is probably THE MOST concise, easy to read and understand that I've seen. From a brand new trader who understands nothing to a more advanced trader this is IT!! Beyond what most people get involved in trading (the money). The mindset development matters most. Trading shows you, YOU!! the emotional aspects, even down to YOUR viewpoints on money in general. This course will get down to the real you!! . It's a BLESSING!!


Founding Member

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