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Elevate your mind to elevate your life. Break structure, become a Profit Taker and learn how to make Profits without being Present.

Learn how to erase mental limitations and manifest abundance in your life.

Why Fight To Stay The Same?


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    We'll have group video calls on Wednesday's to keep you focused, and live group Q&A's on Sunday's to make sure you understand each lesson before proceeding.

    Technical Analysis Mastery

    Build your skills with a proven step-by-step process that takes the anxiety anyway from learning, by giving you short easy to digest lessons. Providing Pre-existing traders or Entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn without spending hours in class.

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    Participate in a loving community of individuals that share the same goals of time and financial freedom. Join the team and share your experiences.

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    Why Fight To Stay

    The Same?

    About Your Teacher

    Tkprophet is a Trader Mentor and Life Coach with multiple years of success as a Mentor and a signal provider for previous companies. He specializes in technical analysis and assisting traders with shifting their mindsets through a process called Structure Breaking.

    In 2020 Tk was able to complete the year with a winning trading percentage upwards of 60%. As a strong believer in freedom Tk was proud to contribute to an efficient team and company. After years of dedicating his focus to finding the proper understanding for executing trades in the market, TK developed a passion for creating seamless online experiences to educate his peers on application.

    Tk's motivation came from the thought of using analytical skills to gain his time, freedom, and earn a living without working long stressful hours at a job. The difficulties faced along his trading journey brought awareness to mental health and piqued his interest in personal development where he implemented the same strategies to create positivity and live abundantly.   

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