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About Us

Get to know about our company

Our Mission

The one and only goal that we have is to empower entrepreneurs and pre-existing traders who want to grow and develop in their trading and personal development journeys with our love and support.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who excel in their specific areas and have worked on a number of projects with flying performance. 

Our courses are created with simplicity to take you from a novice to displaying expertise, keeping in mind our only goal; which is to deliver quality training to help entrepreneurs and traders grow and become profitable with consistency. 

Our Team

This Company Is The Brain Child Of  Tkprophet our founder.

Working two full-time jobs and missing out on precious moments with his family, Tk realized the importance of time freedom and mental health. In the process of obtaining them both Profit Takers was born.



His contribution has been so beneficial for the company, by sharing his experience through trial and error Tk was able to help traders get on the fast track, not only with gaining the skill of trader but also applying it.


Pattrick Carter

Dr. Pattrick Carter has a passion for helping others succeed through hard work and dedication. Join his weekly sessions to discuss your "G.O.A.L.S" to assist you with creating mindsets that will permanently change the paradigmatic experience of their current trajectory.


Here's Mr. Valentine, once a truck driver, now trades full-time. Inspired by the complexities of financial markets, he transitioned from the open road to the trading desk. Analyzing trends and making strategic decisions, he now navigates the dynamic world of stocks, currencies, and commodities with passion and dedication.


Meet Ms. Clark, a licensed professional counselor dedicated to helping individuals understand the impact of their thought processes. With empathy and expertise, she guides clients to recognize how thoughts can either support or hinder their well-being. Through evidence-based techniques, Ms. Clark empowers clients to challenge negative patterns and cultivate a positive mindset for greater resilience and fulfillment.