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Free Your Mind, Body, Soul and become a Structure Breaker.
Join our online guided meditation series right from the comfort of your home. You just need an internet connection and any device - a phone, or a laptop, or a computer.

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    Improve your mind 

    Daily practice of meditation can improve your memory and mental clarity.

    Deeper sleep

    Meditation is a natural remedy that offers a better night's sleep.

    Self awareness

    Have greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

    Do you feel sad, lost and confused?

    You don't feel like yourself anymore. The world around you doesn't make much sense, either.

    Your mind is feeding you with unhappy thoughts or the following symptoms:

    • Mood swings

    • Low energy

    • Restless Sleep

    • Addictions

    • Financial hardship

    • Unhealthy relationships 

    Meditation can heal your soul for years

    You can heal your soul from the pain of the past with the practice of daily meditation.

    Meditation has amazing benefits; it can clear and remove blocks from your chakras, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce stress in your daily life.

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    You'll learn to open seven (7) chakras

    Break Structure!

    Let your energy flow freely by opening your chakras

    Why our meditation class?

    Meditate from the comfort of your home, pick your own times, you are in control of your growth when you join our meditation group

    Connect to a guided meditation remotely (internet connection required).

    Challenge yourself to grow in a judgement free environment by meditation in the privacy of your home.

    Join our online group and meet like-minded people.

    Video Testimonials

    Meet your guide

    Few are in a better mood than the meditation instructor Tk. All year round, people from all parts of the world consult with Tk. In groups he unites people of different cultures, backgrounds, and values - all on the same quest to get healed.

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    How Do We Help? What's Our Process?

    This is what you will be covering in our 6-week online series.

    Open Your Mind

    Become aware of your true power as a conscious creator and the affects of your thoughts, beliefs, actions. We'll also explore the difference between the spirit and the ego, and your "P.D.K's" Predetermined Dream Killers.


    We'll identify how you used your power, to either help or hinder you. We'll cover the "S.I.T Cycle" Self-inflected-trauma, your "2 Daily Decisions", "The Equation", "Emotional Endurance" and how we use them to raise your Aura and break structure.


    The next step is to figure out your attachments. How they make you feel and why you created those ties. We'll also uncover how being a victim of "The Trick" can lead to becoming an extremist. 

     Leaves In The Fall

    In this week we will create a mental imagine of a tree to help you see the affects of your "L.D.M's" Life Defining Moments. We'll also break down the "Cycles Of Transformation" and guide you through release and reconstruction.

    Be The Waterfall

    Now we'll become one with flow, and beginning to trust the universe. Dive into Balance to understand how to break the barriers of time & living in the "N.O.W" and walking into abundance. 

    Prophecy Fulfilled

    After this process it's time to express gratitude. We introduce the "G.O.D. Affect" and "Breathe of Fire." When you make it to this level your heart rate regulation, and calmness in your mind has helped you become a greater version of YOU!

    People love this series

    Those who attend our online sessions, become a regular instantly. Read below what they have to say:


    The journey of self-awareness does not change based off one bias. Below are a list of speakers from all walks of life, each are offering a supplemental tool to aid in your progress. The course is a 6-week life changing experience. The tools provided by our speakers will guide  you through the course and your life. 

      Dr. Patrick Carter


      Dr. Patrick Carter has a passion for helping others succeed through hard work and dedication. Join his weekly sessions to discuss your "G.O.A.L.S" to assist you with creating mindsets that will permanently change the paradigmatic experience of their current trajectory.