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Learn What Not To Do When Trading. 

Join our amazing speakers who take you through their own experience of Trading in the Financial Market .

Live Training

Online & In-Person

Come & Get Results In Advance

  • Thursday @ 7:00 PM EST

  • 1526 E Forrest Ave Suite 128, East Point, GA 30344

  • You Don't Want to

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  • 2 World Class Market Professionals As Speakers

  • Networking With 100+ Like Minded Entrepreneurs

  • Hours Of Insane Value Towards Your Growth

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    What Is Profit Takers?

    Welcome to Profit Takers!!

    Powering Profitable Partnerships Together

    At Profit Takers we believe in the strength of unity. By collaborating through Online/In-Person meetings, we bring together industry leaders, innovative thinkers, and strategic visionaries from the trading space to drive unparalleled profitability across diverse sectors. Our comprehensive approach to trading ensures that every venture thrives, generating substantial returns for investors.

    During the conference, you'll be able to learn from those thriving in the industry and will be empowered by resources and knowledge to become better in your craft. 

    Event Schedule

    This is our event schedule and the entire event will proceed as per the timeline given below. Please be on time, so that you don't miss any of the awesome topics.

    • Start

    • Event Topic

      W.N.T.D Trading

      7:00 pm to 7:20 pm

      Describe in a few words what will be covered in this part of the event.

    • Information Overload

    • Unrealistic Learn Curve 

    • Over Trading

    • Over Leveraging

    • Break

    • Event Topic

      W.N.T.D While Mentally

      7:35 pm to 8:15 pm

      Describe in a few words what will be covered in this part of the event.

    • The Idea Perfectionism

    • Who Are You?/What's Your Why? 

    • 2 Decisions/Accountability

    • Core Beliefs/Limitations 

    •   Meet & Greet

    • End

    • Learn To Make Profit Without Being Present. 

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    We have limited seats for this event, and the demand for slots have been rising everyday. The tickets are going to go very quickly, so get them till they are available here.











    Meet our panelists for the event. Learn from them how they became profitable as a trader from ground up and how you can do that as well.

      Richard Rowe

      CEO of  Currency Traders Club

      Richard Rowe, a 42-year-old technical analyst from Selma, Alabama, is an alumnus of Alabama State University, where he majored in Business Administration. As a father, Richard has built a successful career in the financial markets, leveraging his analytical skills to provide expert insights and strategies. His deep understanding of market trends and commitment to his community highlight his professional and personal dedication.


      CEO of Profit Takers

      Tkprophet is a Trader Mentor and Life Coach with multiple years of success as a Mentor and a signal provider for previous companies. He specializes in technical analysis and assisting traders with shifting their mindsets through a process called Structure Breaking.

    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Just the thing I needed!


    " @TKProphet your lesson plans are amazing! Equipping us with powerful tools (imbalance, zones, impulse, structure ) that empowers us with forecasting capabilities."

    It's an instant game changer.

    "The "Structure Breakers" course helped tremendously in my trading journey. It gives you the tools to fight the urges to feel you are not deserving of the life you are meant to have. Higher highs and higher lows in life creates higher highs and higher lows on the charts!!"

    I Love the clarity I received.


    " I learned so much in one setting about trading stocks from Richard Rowe in two hours. I literally feel that I can start trading on my own after this first training! Thank you Richard it was a great pleasure to meet and learn from you!! Thank you and may God continually bless you! I'm going to become a millionaire because of you!!"

    Guided training for all levels.


    " In this day and time, its so good to learn from a team that still values in-person connection to make sure you get it! Using both in-person and remote tools, you really get the sense that Currency Traders is dedicated to not only your learning but also the flourishing of your trading endeavors. I've experienced a few times where class was so good, no one wanted to leave at class end. (Here's a secret: Keep asking questions and you'll notice it's like tapping into an oil reserve because the information is forever flowing.)"

    Location & Contact

    This event is going to take place near Downtown East Point. For any query you may call or email us at the below mentioned contacts.

  • 1526 E Forrest Ave Suite 128, East Point, GA 30344

  • 404-439-9887

  • Grab Your Spot Right Now

    There are limited seats available, and the event is going to be sold out. So, register before it's too late if you want to build your empire by learning from the very people who did it. It's time to let your money work for you. Why Fight To Stay The Same?

    Thursday @ 7:00 PM EST